Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Haven's Peak Highland Resort

Video courtesy of The Haven's Peak

Going there is a skyline experience combine with excitement.  Guests/Tourists will love this place situated at the top of Maragusan Hill, Compostela Valley(COMVAL).

It's truly remarkable and very impressive that has been recognized as a worth-it destination for travelling tourists and visitors.

If you are looking for a place to find serenity and at the same time to unwind and chill-out, THE HAVEN'S PEAK HIGHLAND RESORT is  a perfect place to connect with nature.  

Maragusan is considered as one of the summer capital of Davao Region.


For overnight stay of medium capacity
  • Mansaka House (2 persons capacity)
  • Bagobo House (3 persons capacity with view deck)
  • Ifugao House (3 persons capacity)
  • T’boli House (maximum of 5 persons capacity)
Overnight stay in all tribal huts (Couple with 2 kids or 3 adults) with pool and complimentary meal for 2 – Php 1,400.00

Dormitory (32 persons capacity) – Php 350.00 per person
  • Special rates available for group reservations
  • Complimentary meal
Extra person/bedding – Php 150.00


  • Function Hall
  • Terraza Adela
  • Pool
  • Lantaw Barbeque and Seafood Grill House
  • Mini Bar

GOOD NEWS there is already a proposed CABLE CAR TERMINAL for The Haven's Peak Visitors/Guests, you will not take anymore their 208 STEPS just to be on the top of the resort.

Photo credit to Mr. Art Boncato


  1. Nice place...208 steps to the top? why not, I like to walk but would prefer the cable when if ever it exists already... :D

  2. Just imagining the elevation and the view from it, I can already say that the place is really a nice place to visit. It's really nice seeing the town from a higher place.

  3. This is a really nice place. I mean, for that price plus the view and amenities is already worth spending on. I'm actually planning on visiting Davao next year. So the Havens Peak is certainly a winner for me! :)

  4. Naks magkakaroon na ng cable car :) This goes to show that it'll attract more tourist ^_^

  5. I am sure I will have a great time relaxing in this place and malapit lang sa Davao City. Mapuntahan nga =)

  6. Wow! I should visit Comval and stay here!

  7. seems a very serene place to unwind. Mura rin ang overnight rate nila.

  8. Thanks for sharing.. this post is help.. nice place :)

  9. The rates seem affordable. Maganda ito for a family outing.

  10. With my aching joints. I think the cable car is best for me. And with it affordability, I'm sure tourists would flock into Havens. ^_^

  11. A cable car ride would be a very nice addition!
    I love trips like this one where you exert efforts.
    208 steps is really short if you get on with it. hehe ;)

  12. The supposed cable car terminal is a great idea but going up 208 steps as traditional way of reaching the peak... is thrilling!

  13. hope i could visit! looks like a nice place! xx

  14. I should really go back to Davao. I would not go up 208 steps but will ride a cable car :)