Monday, December 31, 2012


Davao City was the first city who passed an ordinance to ban FIRECRACKERS and FIREWORKS here in the Philippines since 2001.  This will be our 12th year celebrating NEW YEAR without a BIG BANG and BOOM.  Missing hearing that loud noise coming from JUDAS BELT(Sinturon ni Hudas), SUPER LOLO, SUPER PLA-PLA, JUMBO FOUNTAIN, WHISTLE BOMB, KUWITIS, BAWANG, BULALAKAW, and etc...But this is a great help to stop major injuries coming from these firecrackers and fireworks.  

Davao City had acquired the ZERO CASUALTIES both CHRISTMAS EVE and NEW YEARS.  

DavaoeƱos have found other ways to mark the event.  WE BLOW HORNS, BANG PANS, SHOUT LOUDER, MAKE OUR SOUND SYSTEM even more LOUDER, POLICE and FIRETRUCKS SIREN, CLANGING OF BELLS from our CHURCHES.  We called it here the DAVAO NOISE BARRAGE. 

photo credit: Keith Bacongco via photopin

Video credit to backpackreport

The safest and simple way in WELCOMING NEW YEAR 2013!!!!